Not only election computers can be chopped

How to get rich with betting. As long as you do not catch yourself.

That it is not always with right things in horse bets and the horses that obey the riders, sometimes in a predetermined and paid order in the finish is known. The fact that the outcome of Fubball Games also not only depends on the sleepingness of the players and the inadequacy of the coach – the two main restricting objects of Fubball fans – is a new knowledge. But maybe in the face of bird flu hysteria, the Fubball World Cup is canceled in Munchen and the planned result is simply known so? After a last bidding round, is ..

As Georges Pompidou, once French Prasident, said:

A ruin can have three causes: women, bets or the survey of professionals.

There was no suitable computer technology yet. Certainly there were no suitable specialists.

How else is it to be explained that in Greece some specialized weather have partially managed to become rich with the help of their women?

Rule 1: You do not need a referee

Unlike in the German betting scandal around the referee Hoyzer, no referees are needed. The meanwhile condemned ex-Bundesliga referee had influenced the result of Fubball Games together or on behalf of some buddies. Hoyzer, to whose honor also a MP3 song or ringtone is sold, showed the investigative authority partially adult. So adhered to the fact that Fubball fans of other states were now found.

In Belgium, the WireThere of the Fubball Scandal has been used in accordance with Pompidou women for bribery of those skilled in the art, ie Fubball Players and referees. Among other things, a UEFA Cup game with Greek participation also suspected. Too strange was the result, and to randomly it seemed that it was indeed weather, which had foreseen this result, the half-time level and the goal flood. Even the number of fallen goals fallen in the detention time was foreseen correctly.

Not only election computers can be chopped

Covered the manipulated Fubball bets in Greece: Liana Kanelli. Image: k.W. Aswestopoulos

The game itself was completely irrelevant for the progression of the teams in the UEFA Cup. That was not only for fans, but also for the UEFA itself unbelieved.

As part of its investigations, Greek agents finally found a series of chendy weather, 1.200 at the number, which in the years 2000 to 2004 respectively above 100.Had won 000 euros. The investigators found that the weather was found either a new Pythia for the Oracle of Delphi or had a unlikely good godfather for calls. Because with the bets concerned, it is above all about saying a number of results correctly. The original competitions are multiplied by the respective unlikeness coefficients of the results. The more unlikely the result, the high of the coefficient.

The Greek press already reported in 2005 on this strange edition of winners, as well as about speculation about the Hintermanner). To date, however, no sound clue for evidence could be discovered, although a variety of indicia templates.

Rule 2: You need wives or professionals

Among the sometimes no longer so happy winners are Fubballers, referees, club bosses, fanclub officers, drug handler and the wife of a senior employee and ex-action arms of the art technology of the Fubball Betten stated company Intralot.

The wife of George Salonikis, Mrs Stamatia, has won the lists of the State Lottery Company Greece’s opap about 12.7 million euros by Fubball Betten. Stamatia was such a good fubble survey that she could earn 11 million euros in two years alone.

At the beginning was speculated by the media that the bet cheese published by the state lottery deeds could serve the money washer.

Rule 3: You need a good sense of public relations

Press Releases of German Media, who reported the suspicion of the money wash in connection with the rough action and company head of the parent company of Intralot, Intracom, Sokratis Kokkalis and his function emphasized as a Fubball Functionar, but were considered by areas.

Sokratis Kokkalis is indeed, an interesting person, he guides in addition to Intracom and the Fubball Club Olympiakos Piraus also companies in the media area. The addressed counter representation, which is directed against a no longer online publication of "the world", is very carefully written. Kokkalis was accused in the world article that he was suspected of the Landesverrats, Embarghandels, Fraud and the Washer’s Hour and that Georgios Salonikis was an employee of his company. Kokkali denies only the claim of the charges for money washing and because of the OPAP bet scandal. He remains notes that Salonikis is currently not busy with him. The investigation against him with regard to the state treason, however, are fact.

The concentration of the press on the person Kokkalis and the Bettengander Alexandros Angelopoulos, under the suspicion of drug trade, apparently brought the investigating journalists and prosecutors to a false ride. It was believed that the competitions were ied by the lottery company OPAP only per forma. So there was the suspicion that OPAP had guilty in this way the aid to the money wash.

Rule 4: Beware of journalists who see what the prosecutor’s office overlooks

A new dimension gets the case by the on 21. February 2006 in the Greek Parliament from the deputy Liana Kanelli presented premieges. The renowned lawyer and journalist Liana Kanelli presented documents that are on intensive journalistic research. Accordingly, some Wettenskoige have given their betting cries only after completion of the respective fubball matches. The bets of the profit lemons in question relate to foreign games whose results are secondly after the final whistle. By a back door in the betting cell registration software of the company Intralot, the betting pigs in question have been predetermined.

On the rides of the manipulated software, the investigative journalists came to Liana Kanelli through the youngest Greek AbhortScandal. Again, BackdoorSoftware was used, and here, too, the company Intracom was involved in the scandal indirectly. Kanelli has given the test results during a parliamentary session transferred to the parliamentary language in the Greek television and at the same time asked for police protection for himself and the participating journalists.

This procedure is therefore remarkable because it has the magazine Nemesis. She had thus to increase the sales figures of the magazine. The police protection is required, however, because journalists who determine in a Greek sports scandal have a danger.

Rule 5: You can not catch yourself

In view of the international scandal series for sports betting, the question arises as to whether the discovered betting slabs are only the top of an iceberg. Apparently, Wettbetrugers also have less sensational methods than the referee detection.

Since the money in the end, however, is paid over the beturn, at least this way many can be taken. Apparently, instead of a storage storage of Internet data, a named name register of biddings should be introduced. Because among the actually minted winners of the Greek sports betting can be all those who had given a wrong name.

Rule 6: Pompidou has quite

Unless you have professionals who can manipulate the server of the betting station ..

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