How to spell dvd?

Bush and Beckham insulted

The most powerful man in the world grinning a video tape with the inscription "2DTV" inland. He says: "My favorite video. Now in it in the video recorder" – and puts the tape in a toaster where it is grilled.

How do you spell DVD?

Image: bbc

Not grilled, but placed on ice, Greater Britain’s chain dogs have this spot, a commercial for the spitting image-like and with prices overhooked animation series 2DTV, whose third season started last night. The telegraph as "Future of Comedy" Pronounced broadcast had wanted to point out the commercial on your Christmas program. The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Center (BACC), however, decided that he cleared against the advertising directives of the TV Commission because the intelligence of the American Prasident is doubted on an insulting way. The Prufbeorde relies on paragraph 6.5 of the guidelines, which states that living people in commercials without their (written) permission can not be presented or cariced. Exceptions are advertising films for certain publications such as books, films or certain radio and television programs in which the person presented occurs. This exception applies only if the reference resp. the presentation is not offensive or defaming. (The full-length independent Television Commission Advertising Standards Code can be viewed on the Independant Television Commission ITC website.To)

Also a spot where David Beckham asks his wife when writing a wish list for Christmas:"How to spell DVD again?", The BACC fell victim.

Someone will look pretty blod soon and that’s not me,

So Giles Pilbrow, producer of advertising films to the Guardian

Without any interpretation you simply blindly applied the law. In fact, the question of how to show without satire to promote a satirical program. In the show itself, bush and consorts are a lot rudder jumped, so far without censorship, the guidelines for commercials, so the BACC, but are hard, as they are "uninvited" to flutter into the house, while a satirical program is aware of.

You People Must Be A Very Sad Pathetic Bunch. I Note There Are No Contact Names Listed Here. This is satire you crescent. Get a life.

From the discussion forum of the BACC

Speaking of Cretin: After you have Bush as "Faint" Dear, the Supreme spokeswoman of Canada Prime Minister Jean Chrien was allowed to stay in office for a few days until he accepted her jerking.

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