How to destroy an opposition for years

Model Bahrain and the "National dialogue"

Lifelong for eight opposition and long-term prison sentences for thirteen others. So the billing of the judiciary of Konigreich Bahrain with the protests. What else is called Arabic spring is rapidly turned into Bahrain in hard winter, ice time at 36 ° current Auber temperatures.

Which has always built Bahrain as good reputation in the last ten years, she seems completely destroyed.

Subhail Gosaibi, bloggent royalist

The opposition in the country is also destroyed, for years, if not decades. The lesson, which probably not only draw tweeting Middle East experts, is: If you want to abolish a repressive guided, then you really have to win. That was also allowed to sit with the opponents of the Syrian regime.

In Bahrain, such as Subhail Gosaibi, a remaining reading, critical Konigstreuer blogger, the protest movement had no majority in the population behind him. There is to be found that under the progenous partially very aggressive groups that contributed nothing to gain further sympathies under the population. However, whether from the rioters who not only made Gosaibi in the protest movement and which, as claimed, were not to be controlled, so readily the coarse pattern of a coup can be made, as a result, more or less the entire opposition is done, is a question with which Gosaibi had to deal with.

That the Bahrainis was not far enough for a democracy, as Gosaibi represents as well, no longer does not mean that this must constantly make the rule on the island.

Winners, phrases for the mull and image improvement for the business elite

The winner in Bahrain is certain: It is the Konigshaus, the Al-Khalifa family, at least coarse parts of it, stemming and other families that are closely related to the Saudi Arab friends, the friends from other golf states and all, The from the political system, as it has been constructed for 40 years, benefit.

This is the background before which a national dialogue is to be started in July: those with whom you should talk to learn what political reforms are urgently waged from below are locked away. With those who – in addition to the coarse family Al-Khalifa – have factic political power in Bahrain, since 200 years of associated tribes and clans, such as Al-Mahmud and Al-Hidd Al-Hidd, were already visited in advance to become important things discuss.

In the circle of invited to the coarse and well-confeded national dialogue over "Political reforms" Accounting political organizations to the minority, with 37%, such as a critical and informative political blog from Bahrain (yes, that is still available). Critical Tone was not allowed to be expected from the invited political organizations. The, which you had received, for example, MEPs of the Opposition Party Al-Wefaq, have decided not to participate in the dialogue. So this dialogue will go the way, go the tutes and other useless cord of useless forums, they sometime in the mull and no one miss them.

The dialog is used for image improvement. For example, the rule system has suffered something among the protests, at least that part of the elite, the managers with other countries as Saudi Arabia and the GRY States. After all, the American friend, who maintained a state navy base on the island, also the monarchy will be on a list where Syria and Iran stand – the list of those who are striking against human rights.

Human rights the corner

It is already the fact that under the detainable frequent human rights activists are located and there is also a well-known name among the now convicted: Abdel Hadi al-Khawaja, co-gallery of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Already at the Blob’s warning of the name, the Al-Khalifa ruling family was allowed to bake up and had a rapid classification of parade: the human rights organization was actually a political organization that represents Shiite interests and Iran is close. In small format so what the demonstrators from the Pearl Roundabout and the defendants were accused of militar state lawyer.

But they are very easy. Abdel Hadi Al-Khawaja has been arrested several times. known beyond the borders of Bahrains, his arrest was because of 2004 "Initiation to hatred against the government" (A consolation against human rights). His offense in other words: he complained the Bahrainische Government, especially their boss, Minister Prosident Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa, the corruption. Remember, even with the protests, which developed in the middle of February in Bahrain on Pearl Roundabout Square, the corruption of the Ministerial President from the House Al-Khalifa central theme..

Substantial criticism got the lead in Bahrain also sentenced to lifelong detention in the past, from Hassan Mushaima, from Abduljalil Al-Singace. And from Ibrahim Sharif, the "only" was sentenced to a multiannual prison sentence. Sharif is the only one of the convicted Sunnit, member of the left-alien opposition party National Action Democrat Society (Waad). He will also be sought with connections to Iran.

No obvious evidence

That all of these oppositional, with which a relevant dialogue to drove goods participated in the protests, to ultimately stream the state, and in the service of the Hizbollah or Iran, like that of the Militar State Platform!) The civilian has made allegation and, as the obviously part of the court, the Lower National Safety Court has decided, is believed only as a constructed pretext. Unique evidence has not been submitted. If they were, they were also emerging in international media, the Bahrainian government has not been able to pass this opportunity.

Due To The Closed Nature Of The Military Tribunal, It Is Not Exactly Clear What Evidence What Provided to Proves That The Men Were Guilty of the Charges Against Them. There’s No Doubt That All Except Sharif Openly Called For The Fall of the Al Khalifa regime. But there is no profer that they pLANNED TO USE Violence Or that they are battle aided by a foreign terrorist group (Read Hezbollah and Iran).

Fahad Desmukh

Hoping for the relatives of the convicted resting on the fact that the verdict may still be appealed – and may pronounce the following pastries. The goods Nothing unusual at politically convicted. Only this time also affected the Konigshaus of power coming of individual factions, it is called from different sides, which could make a pardon difficult, especially since many of the opinion are that the king with the "Rioters and Hatters" Take too long patience.

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