Coveted oltrupe in libya

Nations and companies in waiting

"Now that we were successfully successful, the challenge will set up a democracy." Said this John McCain, the Republican Rival Obamas at the last Prassidal election campaign. In the US, he is loud Guardian meanwhile as a radical expert. What is the quote that is so smooth as smooth as an eternal stamped pattern for success reports of Western Provenance, is not even so much its prematiance – after all, in Tripoli and elsewhere in Libya is still steamed. It is that "weather": "Now We Have Succeeded Militarily". And it’s a certain suspicion that consists of self-resistant to the nation-building projects in Afghanistan and Iraq, if the construction of a democracy is mentioned: "Now The Major Challenge of Building Democracy Will Come."

McCain continued, he has gross confidence in the national transitional council and that the Council was able to make money from the frozen to the Council to frozen so that he can measure the elementary functions of a democracy. This is in principle nothing wrong. The transitional council is now recognized by many states as a legitimate official representation of Libya.

What commentators such as exemplary Daniel Pipes’ as "Libyan blues" Designed – the fear of Islamic back man and chaotic – is speculation on how often dark ground. More feeling as a differentiated knowledge of the circumstances. There are also good counter-arguments against the "Rebel Chaos" and you make it easy if you only want to understand them as propaganda and misguided. To address the uprising against Gaddafi the legimity of a popular uprising, is the night, if it is concluded from a distance via Internet observation.

But the staff of the transitional council floats under the guided by Mohammed Abdul Jalil does not necessarily trust. The background to the assassination of Abdel Fattah Younis refer to power struggles that have to do with the fact that some of the members previously held good positions in Gaddafi, and may have changed from rather opportunitic grounds the camp took to the old manner politically tiant there. be. Transparent the transitional council acts in many cases. The suspicion that even in terms of arrangements with Western governments or. Companies especially opportune to opportunity and valence of individual members who have upper hand is not so easy to rang from the table.

If one pursues the events of the last days in the mirror of a medium, the economic topics immersing a rough meaning, such as the Wall Street Journal, so you can pursue a vivid in the live blog, how very olfirmen and other companies sitting in the starting poses. The liberated Libya promises prospects for good businesses, OL and gas and new conditions of reconstruction.

"Some Order Including a Functional Banking Sector"

It is most clearly formulated by the boss of Olfirma Weatherford International, Bernard Duroc-Danner, who is pleased that the Olfelder have remained relatively intact and Olfirmen could not have any difficulties to resume production as soon as political hurden are set aside aside. The first step after six months of burger war, so duroc-then, there is a transitional government "With Some Order Including a Functional Banking Sector." After the sanctions are revoked, then the third step, the sighting and confirmation of the Oltraferung.

The Last Step Will Be For The Provisional Government To Review and Confirm Existing Contracts With Oil Producers and Oilfield Service Companies, Search as Weatherford.

After that, the production will be with "Reasonable Good Progress" restart. The assessment of which the Olfelder is still relatively good in shot, do not share all OLFIREMEN, but according to WSJ are all ready (see Oil Producers Take Steps to Return). Most of them are therefore already associated with representatives of the transitional council – "Preliminary Discussions". The Council has stressed according to Article in July that the contract concluded with the Gaddafi regime would take into considerable wool – "at least during transition time to democracy"

One can design this way that you will take acceptance from those companies from those countries whose behavior in the crisis period "constructive" was. That there are such considerations, a report indicates Moscow News At – with reference to Reuters – quoted a spokesman of the Olfirma AgoCo approached in Bengasi:

WE May Have Some Political Ies With Russia, China and Brazil.

in the Guardian, Where the Efforts of China is talked about the transitional council, the quote is completed:

WE Do not Have A Problem with Western Countries Like The Italy, French and UK Companies.

Brazil, Sudkorea and France

It remembers Brazil had made good business under Gaddafi, with the UN coordination of the military air intake of the voice and still turned into a variety of the recognition of the transitional council.

An example on the other hand gives Sudkorea that the transition government promises $ 2 million to grant financial aid. The background supplies the WSJ2:

South Korea’s Major Construction Companies Have A Number of Projects in Libya, And The TNC Has Pledged to Make Efforts To Allow Them To Resume The Projects Once The War Ends.

You can speculate with good reasons that France will not be poor to postgaddaf; Anyway, one thoroughs in a way that even this "we" Not so easy to look over:

France’s Foreign Minister Says France and Britain Were Responsible For About 75 to 80% of Nato Air Operations Over Libya in Recent Months, and He’s Turning His Attention Now With Allies To Preparing For The Post-Gadhafi Era.

Of course, you can see all these businesses and business rations under the favorable light that a developing democracy needs money and Libya Gluck has that, thanks to its Olticht, it comes quickly and more easily on necessary money than this was the case in other countries West to help democracy.

And yet there is suspected that the money may seem like in the usual channels, hubs like dubbing – and the memory that in Libya the first demonstrators, in January of this year, the uprising in neighboring Tunisia did not imonent, demands, the material The reason had:

The Protesters Were Demanding "Decent Housing and Dignified Life.

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