Burgenland: new edition of the chianti coalition [update]

The Social Democratic Landeshauptmann Hans Niessl wants to work with the FPO

Last Sunday was chosen in the two Easter-rich civilizers: in Styria and Burgenland, in the K.u.K.-Time to the Hungarian part of the Habsburg Empire. In both federal tags, the established social and Christian democratic parties lost massive. In Styria, you still want to work together in a coalition. In Burgenland, the Social Democratic Landeshauptmann Hans Niessl, on the other hand, negotiates the FPO (which increased its earnings from 8.98 to 15.04 percent) on a coalition.

Niessl praised the last night "constructive" and "Mutual respect" and "to trust" marked speech" with the liberal. He therefore expects the coalition negotiations to be completed this weekend. In "Very many points" you already have one "Consensus found" and there are no barriers [in sight] that are not overwind". Addressed to possible disagreements said the Social Democrat, it gives "Until now exclusive consensus points and the willingness to find and find the consensus". With regard to the topics mentioned, Niessl merely provided the information that these "very important" have been his, but did not want to call a concrete points.

Also the Burgenland FPO chairman Johann Tschurtz praised the negotiations with Niessl as "very solution-oriented" and without "Disagreements or quarrels". That’s why Tschurtz, he too is "very confident". What the Be Confederate "Blue handwriting" will be concrete in the coalition agreement, he not yet revealed.

Burgenland: New edition of the Chianti coalition [update]

Hans Niessl. Photo: Manfred Werner. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

As a reason for choosing the FPO as a coalition partner, Niessl called the election result that he "Understood" Have: The SPO is clear the strongest party in Burgenland despite her six-point loss with 42 percent. The FPO in turn is the grouping that has risen the strongest. From the democracy policy point of view, he stops a cooperation of these two powered – the strongest and those who have gained most – for the best illustration of the electoral will. In terms of content he wool with the new coalition "Better, faster and more efficient" and become "break new ways".

Although the Easter-rich grunes of one "Taboo" Speaking, the coalition of red and blue in Burgenland is not the first at Regional Level: As early as 2004, the then FPO boss Jorg Haider and the Karntner Spo politician Peter Ambrozy and a Glas Chianti a cooperation in Karnten decided. But from the Blue-Red Coalition Chianti coalition, however, became an orange-red because the FPO split and the Spo continued with Haiders BZO.

In the Christian Democratic OVP, unlike the great – two-track: also there is also convicted the bundnis, which Niessl had already indicated in November – but you yourself did not want a coalition with the FPO – for example, in Oberosterreich, where on 27. September is chosen. A taboo is not that: Finally, the OVP was even at the Federal Level with the FPO between 2000 and 2005.

Such a federal government at the federal level, which (before the Ara Haider) between 1983 and 1987 already gave, the SPO has excluded. If that remains, it also depends on the staff: the SPO continues to lose strongly, then the Burgenlander Niessl was able to gain importance. But the previous Chancellor Werner Faymann is more flexible than his harsh words against the rhetoric of the Federal FPO guided by Heinz-Christian Strache Bundes-FPOs: In 2008, he managed with the Freedoms in the National Council the students (without purposing a formal federalist without Dafur).

Update :: It went even faster than expected: already at the Friday afternoon Niessl and Tschurtz, that the coalition is standing. It is still discussed, of course, it is still intense: For example, the Kottan-Actor Lukas Resitarits, who had previously supported Niesssl, especially when he was able to back up his support, then he was done.

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