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The weak and sometimes more than possible benefits at the Women’s Fubball World Cup are in the steady mismatch to the pervasive fire, which organize the mass media in this country thanks to the like, as well as skillful PR machinery of the DFB

The medial feaf, that since the 26. June, the Opening Day of the Women’s Fubball World Cup 2011, has increased again in Strong again, has not yet helped the enthusiasm that promoted promoters and organizers in advance of it. Although saw the official openation in the Berlin Olympiastadion 74.000 people the game of German eleven against the team Canada too. And far over 15 million, the pleasure and the luxury, despite best summer weather, the Muden Kick before the screen screens.

Frauenfubball is like horse racing with donkeys

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Disinterest abroad

But from the summer march 2.0 is so far on Germany’s straws, from a few of membranes, which blow on some cars, so far away, still little to traces. Not to mention from abroad that would hardly be interested in events, unlike the tremendous PR machine of DFB us,. So that the stages of some measures are full and mood arises, sponsors like Telekom currently buy mass tickets to distribute them to schoolchildren afterwards.

During this country, the games around the tournament every day with two to four special pages are considered by the newspapers, the TV channels pre- and post reports with more or less miserable Punditries ("Pounds" If in England, the experts are called the experts who assist the commentators), whistled homestories and portraits of the players make the rounds, which often sent a reporter team to Germany, which reports on the World Cup.

For example, the Brazilian media returned to the World Cup in Sudafrika last year to report true reporter armies in order to report the smallest detail of the players in the home, a year later in Brazil hardly takes anyone’s note from the women’s Selecao and its rigid player Marta (cf. Messi is a woman).

Above all, a qualitaire question

But no one should be surprised about it. The achievements on the lawn come out (benevolent) about the lower middle mab of a third profiliga not beyond. As much as the kickners also defose the wild bullet, which the Madels show often, does not justify the medial effort, the jubiliaries and the gigantic drumfire, which the German media currently organize around the tournament.

To grace, naturalness and elegance in the movement, which Heinrich von Kleist in the puppet theater has already found almost exactly two hundred years ago, if passe does not arrive, Balle standed or turbulent around, the precise score is missing or half-hearted shot from traws of Torfrauen are not held, either drama, tension and (personal) supports adds or at least blood, tail and tranes.

In order to form the achievements of the Madels in the stadium round, we had to follow the conclusion of Kleist, only again "eat from the tree of knowledge to return to the state of innocence".

Pinch where it hurts

Of course, the durability of the action on the lawn maintained the political top of the country not to evaluate the event with its presence politically. The Federal President was there, he had to open the World Cup, and the Federal Chancellor and a variety of cabinet members and stripping pullers also (show flag – even without cameras).

In the middle of the illustrious political squad, you saw a visibly satisfied DFB prasident who rubbing the hands. How to find out at all that the meanwhile from the mirror to "Wife" Purchased Theo Zwanzer currently with old or (maybe one already say) coarse-favorable approach as political nobler and high-corrective "Grub" Best in the openness to move wife.

Although he likes to smear if it is necessary to confess color, and the dark machinations of FIFA (cf). Hoeneb criticizes Twenties’s silence) or at Affaren, which affect the game operation (Bettrug), his association (referee), misrepresenting journalists (Jens Wine Rich) or the youngly restless manner of the manner team (Michael Ballack) to show clear edge.

Cuddle where it is up to

Dear and cuddles the DFB-Prasident, now successor to Franz Beckenbauer in the Executive Committee of the World Funball Association, with FIFA functionaries behind sealed treatments, especially since the DFB has all the reason to the Leisertreterei. Not that someone else could come to the idea, sometimes checked whether at the time of the World Cup 2006 to Germany is also received at that time with right things.

Or he sparks where it is cheap and good words nothing "costs", at "Guest performances" on the Christopher Street Day in Berlin about or in commemorative events for the death of goalkeeping Enke in Hannover with naval words for homosexuality in sports or to the bad balances in the professional sport.


It is not known if Mrs. Merkel is towered in the cabin after the finally happy victory of the German women in the cabin to congratulate the DFB kickers to their success against Canada and like once with the half-naked mesut ozil with Birgit Prince or to leave Nadine angerer in front of the cabin input.

Earlier than Anno 2006 we had always been, especially since wife did not hit on the datching man, but on undressed women’s goods. But maybe we are still before. There are probably enough opportunities. What probably Schweini, since the European Championship in Portugal 2004 Personal friend of the Chancellor, then say? Whether he will be jealous?

Machos, nothing but macho

Be it drum. Also, Joseph Blatter, the FIFA Prasident, currently confronted with massive corruption of his association, completed his compulsory program, also to communicate the broadly published German press that he had more important to do as his precious time with visits to sporty so highly cartridges To sell encounters like Norway against aquatorialguinea.

Mainly the German press, therefore, tried him violently in front of the shin (cf. Blatter affront). He also released him as a secret macho, he had known on that press conference, that women "from a certain age in the company a different function have played as Fubball."

Before, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel, Lothar Matt House or Mario Basler had met the Mediale Machokeuline. If the Red-Bull driver supposedly did not know when the women’s World Cup begins (Macho, macho), compared the Mercedes driver to the tournament with the Paralympics. Also there you look "occasionally" to.

In a hurry, Rosberg published on his website so that the exercises were not the medial boomerang for him, a meticulously written protocol, which should prove that this sloping saying did not come from him.

Such worries must be the above "Hero" of the German professional bull no longer. Your reputation has been ruined. Attested "Loddar", the other "Wife", the Madels, that some of them too "optical" had something to offer and completely "pretty" be, sat down "Super Mario" With the politically completely incorrect request in the nettles: "Madels let the lawn salvation".

Hypocrisy on the black ice

However, however, it is to be observed how vehemently politically correct journalists have put into stuff for a few days of women’s commercials, which they have punished with completely disregarded before weeks ago, the planter of hands and care for the smallest foul against the Female Netiquette with a medial whistle and a yellow card.

Visual Spab seems to agree to want to want to want to go athletes, former Fubballer or TV reporters on women’s political black ice cream with targeted fishing ies. So wanted a reporter of Sebastian Vettel (I think) know what he was holding by a female formula 1 driver.

And also a moderator of Germany radio tried the ARD commentator Tom Bartels with the question of fooling, whether women may not have a better room perception and consequently the more creative players were (cf). Messi is a woman).

Obviously, the questions have shown effect, because as partisan, confused and blind as in the game against the team Nigeria has Bartels, who is actually considered expertly, has not been commented yet. The jubiliaries, with which he accompanied the Grottenkick of the German women, were completely depleted completely. The arms of the DFB and the public legal state television apparently rang to the reporter cabin.

All these journalistic fishing tests show how much the opinion climate is already poisoned in this country, how much the virtue and morality in this country have themes and genres under control and under their supervision, and how much particularly prominent fears have to be more misunderstanding due to abusive or minor exercises from them to be given to the pillory.

Missed emancipation

Of course, women can play Fubball, they have tactical understanding and can defend compact; They act cleverly in game systems, are dribble-strong and circle freestobe over the wall into the Tordreieck; And self-consuming you can also play SystemFubball, Move Maffing Parts and Film Before Enthusiasm. No question! Why should not you can do that?.

Especially since they are now also in the ring boxing, Alpenpasse up or the puck, in the hall, dividing the basket in the hall, the ice channel dormously irritated, nonsensical weights in the high stems and ruin the joints, knees or the spires.

Meanwhile, there is no longer a sporting area in which women do not re-emerge their colleagues and equality "beg". Which in principle actually surprised. Especially since manner never came up with the idea of trying on the hoverbone, at the stage bar or even in rhythmic gymnastics to the "Holden femininity" Also in these sports can expire the rank or even compete with them.

Sometimes to see

Manner obviously know what they can, and where their physical limits are. Women seem to have their problems. Instead of thinking about their female strong, they would be just, and in the service of an emancipation pierced by the mass media, but misunderstood, recognition in manners in their domanes find.

By contrast, goods initially indicate nothing. Only the sporting yield remains, as technically mature and Grazios he likes to be in the movements, in comparison with the manner sport, in many cases at best Midmab. Certainly there are, varied from sport to sports, also biggest services to admire and can sometimes already look at.

Nevertheless, it is often very struggling because due to physical deficiencies tempo and corporate power, hard and dynamics are missing. The female and manual anatomy stands, as long as machinery and robots have not yet taken over power, such a sporting equality still opposed.

It’s the biology, stupid

Anyone who has ever been to the sport of primary schoolers, or, better still, she has already taught some time, who will know what the speech is. Until the tenth year of life, boys and girls differ, as far as their sporting and body force and performance is concerned,. A sporty well-trained madchen can be relaxed until this time while running, jumping, throwing or swimming loose or keeping a boy at any time.

Balances in secondary education 1 is therefore conclusion. With eleven or twists, physical development diverges. For the team sports, whether the Fubball, Handball or the in the school still conventionally popular Volkartball, can be observed this biological separation great. At the latest from this date, the girls can not oppose the guys anymore. Because they also notice that, they also pull them largely back, they fulfill themselves (rightly) inferior, sometimes coincide with their own and want to deny no sporty games or even competitions with the boys.

Dribble strong, but opportuneless

The inaccurate physical equipment, the lack of power and powerful, also determines what is going on on the lawn. Compared with the manns, women’s bookball remains mid-male third class sports thanks to nature and biology (cf. A female quota does not help). There are all the well-intentioned or well-meant anti-discrimination campaigns and anti-macho commissioning, which push all the arts like mushrooms out of the ground, do nothing.

In preparation for the tournament, the women’s elf played "under strictest secrecy" and "Exclusion of the publicity" Against two man’s B youth teams, the German Master and a compiled regional team. The woman team lost a game scarce and designed the other draw. If one still presupposes that the sixteen and seventeen-year-old had the mission to give up hard in Zweikempen so that nobody of German women are seriously injured before the tournament, then one gets a term of the quality of female achievements in the square.

According to FAZ (well hidden special class) the team should still "beat well". With lightweightness and dribbling art, Melanie Behringer and Lira Bajramaj had the B-adolescents "duplexed" – But just not won.

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