Aliens for all

At Seti @ Home, many people should participate in the search for Auberrard intelligence

Whoever wants and has a computer with access to the Internet, will soon be involved in the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. So far, this search is limited to scientists and after some enthusiasm declined again, even though the Films Contact or Independence Day have again aroused a general interest. For example, the Sesti-Institut founded by Carl Sagan has been a privately financing privately to operate the PHOENIX project, in which the universe allows for narrowband radio signals that do not occur in nature "secured" will.

Scientists at the University of California have launched a project with SETI @ home to look for the cooperation of millions of people and their computers in a collective action and in a narrow frequency spectrum much more precisely than other projects according to radio signals, which may could come from intelligent life. The data with a program after signals in 4.000.000 different combinations of frequency, bandwidth and temporal frequency drift can be examined, come from the ARECIBO radio telescope in Puerto Rico, the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. If millions of PCs on the network simultaneously export calculations, they can be many times faster than the best – and most expensive – anticipatory supercomputer. Each individual networked computer becomes part of an internet supercomputer. The entire computing work is divided and distributed in small portions to the individual computers, which reject their results back to the central computer that integrates them.

Aliens for all

Radiotelreho Arecibo

However, the project fights mainly to the necessary money and asks sponsors and private individuals for support. Necessary to start the hardware implementation and the completion of the software are a total of 200,000 dollars – actually Peanuts, especially since it is not just about the possible discovery of any radio signals perhaps in front of the television or Radio Horne Aliens, but also an interesting technical project for Distributed calculation. In the project phase are so far "only" 50000 computers connected to each other. Because the money did not come together so far, even though Sun Microsystems donated indispensable computer hardware and the project has received the SMITHSONIAN Institute’s medal in the first place in technological and scientific innovation in June 1998, the development phase of the scientific version would have took the development phase of the scientific version despite many programmers want to help, even further postponed. If you enter a mailing list, you can download it as soon as you can start, and already start with the analysis.

The final version should then be more user-friendly for the layman. A "Science mode" should display the state of analysis and reliably learn it. At the "Sky progress fashion" all results are summarized, during "Earth Progress Fashion" focuses on the earth and the "Fleaest" highlight. In real time, the number of currently involved computers and participants with the longest buttons and the largest analyzed data volume are presented, perhaps to create the current incentive to competition. On a web site, everything should be offered to the SETI project, for astrobiology and astronomy.

Of course, many are interested in participating in such a project, perhaps with it, if a promising signal is actually discovered.120000 people have allegedly registered. SETI @ Home Anyway, everyone gives a chance in the uncertain company: "Each individual participant will have a small (but quite real) chance for which his computer discovered the soft grumbling of a distant civilization beyond the earth."

Aliens for all

Aliens – forum of technology, munchen

Abandigen or prevent the work will not analyze the data the computer users. The program should work like a screensaver, so then access compensation capacity when the user does not stress with their own work: "While you drink coffee, eat something or maybe fallen asleep before the monitor, your computer will help to analyze data from the largest radio telescope in the world to track intelligent signals from the space." But the participants do not expire from the company, so at least in this country could cause some costs for him – or also Arger from the company, if you take a break to dive again as a highlight in the Seti Hitlist, but at the same time consumes bandwidth. But if you do not get any aliens – for this you should rather go to the exhibition of Aliens in the Munchner Forum of the Technology – but at best some data and probably no signals that contain any message as in the films will not be the search for long interesting.

If you do not want enough and still wants to put your computer into the service of exciting projects, could once again at Tom Rays Tierra Call waiting, where it is about creating a digital jungle on the continent of networking calculator, or promising promising in a probably Participate in the project, which is due to the development of a d’arcy machine to respond at all, whether there are specific forms of earthly life, to search for traces of life on meteorites or other planets.

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