Adbusing made in france

More and more Frenchmen mobilize against the omniprators of advertising and defend their right to the "Freedom of the view"

By role model of Canadian adbusters, grupps and clubs are forming to take the fight of David against Goliath via the Internet. Naomi Klein’s book "No logo!" was only published in France in early May and has launched a public discussion that has been taking place on numerous internet forums (hacktivists in Logoland). The French anti-advertising onrode and framed posters, processes against the "Optical pollution" and understands the media attention with sensational actions with sensational actions. Ex-advertiser and now-the-minded bestsellor Frederic Beigbeder (danger in the suit – and with tie) is passed on by talk show to talkshow to the "Ensupance of humanity through advertising" to put the pillory.

Adbusing Made in France

Every day, a resident of the industrialized countries with 2500 advertising messages is confronted. Leaders are the United States whose burgers have to digest at least 1 million advertising contacts per year. With the sheer immobilization possibilities via TV, radio, print media, internet, posters and the ubiquitous brand logos you had to inhabit a lonely island to escape the suck promises of the advertising converter.

18 million advertising interconnections were brought by the French media under Volk in 2000. In all the lure voices, however, it becomes more and more difficult to bring his message to the man / woman: according to a market study, 85% of advertising messages never reach their target group, or. Do not create the attention of the targeted consumers. From the remaining 15% 5% are subject to the so-called "Boomerang effect", Which means that the awkward effect is wrong in your opposite. Only a total of 10% achieve their target audience. After 24 hours, it is only 5%, which receive the advertising message and also keep. The top priority for a successful campaign is therefore consistent in the penetrance: only with the steady repetition you can reach its goal, explores a Coca-Cola manager.

Creative against the advertising aggression

Ironically, former advertising is the one that is one of the "Casseurs de Pub" (Advertising starters have formed. Like the Canadian Adbusters, they organize shopping-free days, call for a week without television and ask the visitors to their Internet site to home without trademarks.

"Our coarse parents wore religious insignia, our generation political and our children wear brands", Write the antiwerbe activist Paul Aries on the If you do not contribute to a brand, you can count on social exclusion, is called it. Primary goal of the brand’s strategists are children before 3. Year of life, because in this old logo is particularly good and the foundation stone can be placed on brand loyalty.

"Most children may be before the 6. or 8. Life of life do not distinguish between advertising and program content. This ability usually develops only from the 10. age", explains the Swedish Minister of Culture Marita Uluskog. Under the EU chairman of Sweden, therefore, the legal inspection of the advertising, which is primarily addressed primarily at children, will still be encouraged.

Despite extensive medical attention and acting support Frederic Beigbeders – the day without Purchasing last November, the bestselling author focused on the activists from Parisian shopping paradises to prevent the previously heated consumers from it, "For your families to buy disk gifts" – could not mobilize the day without a purchase or week without television insanely many French.


Last but not least, that may be because the two TV spots that the French adbusters had planned as a call, despite purchasing the advertising placements were not sent. The French control documents for advertising activations BVP (Bureau de Verification de la Publicite) had rejected the spots with the argument that their content "not of general interest" were. The law had not provided access to clubs and non-profit organizations on advertising interconnections.

The Casseurs de Pub has now called the Media Control Hard CSA (Conseil Superieur de l ‘Audiovisuel) to place the paradoxical situation that currently in France has profit-oriented companies such as Benetton’s alleged non-profit embassies to sell their sweaters, but Recognized NGOs like Amnesty International have to accept that spots are rejected by the BVP to put an end. This statutory LUCKE MUSSE will be closed to advance a bar of the BVP’s arbitrarial behavior.

Adbusing Made in France

In October 1999, the BVP had rejected an amnesty international campaign against violations of human rights in the United States. Argument: This campaign dangerous the good cooperation between the states. All this is probably easy to explain with the fact that that "Buro for checking advertising", The BVP, coarse part of professional from the advertising industry is occupied.

"You do not get any problems today when you give politicians publicly. However, if you attach yourself to the multinational corporations, so tremble all," says Raul Anvelaut of the "Casseurs de Pub" in an interview with the prestigious monthly newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique, which your may ie the "Advertising" (La Pieuvre Publicitaire) has dedicated.

The watchdogs defend themselves against sexist advertising

With very similar problems like the "Advertising starter" has the feminist group Les Chiennes de Garde, to German "The watchdogs", to fight. FRANZOSIC FEMINists have been running for years against sexism in advertising. Sometimes even success: So Z.B. A supermarket chain – after heavy protests of feminists – signpacks back on which a half-naked, sitting woman with spread legs were seen. Below it was read: " If you have almost nothing, discover that we have a lot in us!". With "she" were manner meant.

However, the BVP had not obeyed this advertising campaign. "The advertising machine has a variety of eyes", Writes the Prasidential of the Chiennes de Garde, Isabelle Alonso. "It is not taught the image of women who have women of women, but have the manner of us. Although a coarse part of the advertisements turn to the so-called housewife." However, the fight against the degrading representation of women in advertising, but the watchdogs often appear like a fight against Windmuhlen: The self-imposed statutes of the BVP are so vagulating that it is difficult, or. It is impossible to achieve the banned of a sexist advertising campaign at the Contramburo.

For a logo-free landscape

Factive support in the fight against "The colionalization of our consciousness by advertising" comes from the side of the environmental protection. The association Paysages de France (Landscapes of France) not only complains of the fact that advertising propagates an ideology of unrestricted economic growth, which destroys our planet. But also that both urban and rural landscapes were abused as advertising flakes and survived the freedom of the look. The members of the association gather almost every weekend from illegally attached poster flakes to force the local politicians to respond.


Also on advertising posters it has "Resistance to advertising aggression" (Resistance à l’Agression Publicitaire). On the brightest day, framed and destroy the activists unpleasant posters. On your internetite, which you together with the "Casseurs de Pub" operate, give tips on how to avoid advertising on the internet. And call for future advertising referenders to reflect the mailing programs – as they themselves – consistently to the sender.

During some of the advertising laborers, as a media effective, and, for example, made until last February in 15 McDonalds branches for restlessness – the members of a group called "Agitatory apprentices for a network of global resistance" (Apprentis Agitateurs Pour Un Reseau de Resistance Global) had as engravings of the "World capitalism" Demonstrated – demonstrated, others are based on their internetites, such as Z.B., advertising campaigns to framed and persified. However, those who engage in the brand logos of the multis must expect difficulties.

Graphic community is a unnecessary luxury!

The amusement of the restructuring measures of the Gervais-Danone group rounded JeboyCottedanone.Net, which called the consumers of the Boycott of the DanoneProducts, was now taken from the Belfare Reseau Voltaire from the net. The milk giant did not taste the alienation and persiflierung of his brand logos at all and moved to court.

At the 14th. Mai has a French judge that the right to free community expenses in relation to the policy of the Danoegroup is sufficiently present at a verbal level. However, the right to graphic freedom is an unnecessary luxury! The judge prohibited the Reseau Voltaire to designate the Gervais Danoegroup by graphical representations. As a result, the Reseau Voltaire decided to trigger the boycott site, as their right to freely clit freely and a comprehensive presentation of the Danone group is no longer possible. It was objectioned to this frosting and has since reached the formation of a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, which should devote itself to the preservation of fundamental freedoms on the Internet.

ad against AD

Frederic Beigbeders literary persiflage of the advertising industry "39.90" is probably a prime example of successful publishing marketing. No wonder, Beigbeder himself is ex-employee of advertising sizes "YoungRubicam" and the marketing strategies certainly still powerful. "Indeed," explain the Casseurs de Pub – all self advertisement -, "You can only beat them with your own weapons. Because media attention is unassailable and the preservation is only with sensational, advertising actions."

The coarse danger for the current antiweric discourse sees Francois Brune in his article in the Monde Diplomatique in that one on both sides of the same "Tag language" serve. The communication style typical for the advertising industry of shortening and instrumentalization of socio-political topics, muse from the critics with more thoughtful.

But the entanglements between the two advertising busts continue to go: Finally, most media are financed to the large part of advertising revenue and thus depended on the hundreddown of their advertiser.

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