Sensitive jagery of black punch

NASA Space Telescope NUSTAR starts all into space to get black punch – Start Date: 2011

Grunes light for the cost-effective Rontgen Space Telescope NUSTAR, the black punch with a 30-minute sensitivity track can be tracked as any existing instrument operating in the ray area. The project in the last year from financial grounds is to be hired in 2011 with a Pegasus rocket into space.

Dark energy, dark matter, black punch – the dark shadow sides of the universe may have astronomically pragnant names, but have not yet been spotted or measured by no representative of this discipline, let alone photographed. It looks like these spooky unforming darkness Belly By intent, a black robe wrestled to distribute itself from the remaining universe to escape a direct observation.

Black hole. Image: NASA

Stolen life elixir

On black punch, this is particularly true because it is fatally just the universe itself "Elixir" – Say matter and energy – withdraw. This is so greedy that they devour everything to them too close,.

Sensitive Jagery of black punch

Uberrest of a star, who exploded several billion years ago in the Makers. Also in his "near" there are black punches, which nevertheless not be so colorful to recognize. Image: NASA, THE HUBBLE HERITAGE TEAM (STSCI / AURA), Y.-H. Chu (Uiuc), S. Kulkarni (Caltech) and R. Rothschild (UCSD)

Although black punch, which are born from mass-like dying stars and absorbing all the form of matter and energy in the course of their existence, only indirectly avoided via Rontgen, infrared light or by their strong gravity, know astronomers that these invisible objects, the occur in the universe in all coarse classes, there are no rarity there. This also pays "beast" In the center of our Galaxis Sagittarius a * (Sgr A *), which is a super massive black hole with a mass of approx. 3.7 million sun mass is.

No flying unknown objects, rather a picture in the ray area from the center of our milk strain (Sagittarius A *), in which a super massive black hole dwells. Image: NASA / CXC / UCLA / M.Muno et al.

As a result of his tremendous gravity, gas, dust and even whole stars dubbing quickly devours that the incident matter heats up to several million degrees Celsius and therefore brightly lit in the whole spectrum, even in the visible area. But most of the most significantly, such post office bodies betrayed to live from massive dying stars, while breastfeeding their "Hunger" by rontgen and infrared radiation and highly probably but also via gamma rays.

Rebirth after a year

From 2011, researchers can more accurately observe this activity than ever before. Because despite the tense budgetary situation of NASA, the US spaceholds has recently been able to revive a mission "reward", which was deleted from pekunian grounds in February last year. Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, nestar short, will not be swallowed by NASA’s budgetary hole, but will be used as a so far more powerful instrument from the year 2011, which has ever been built for the search for black punches, which was ever built. The comparatively light orbitale observatory – it weighs only 287 kilograms – should be in four years with a Pegasus missile of type XL Selv’s II rocket, which is thrown off by an airplane in 13.3 kilometers high, in the orbit.

Sky cutting in the X-ray area with potential candidates for black holes, as they see today’s satellites. Image: nasa

"We are very pleased that we can bring the nustar mission to life again, which should start 2011", Isolated by the Deputy Guest Manager of the Science Mission Directorate of NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. "NUSTAR has a 500-time greater sensitivity than all previous instruments looking for black punches. Nustar offers us a big opportunity to examine an important astronomical border area."

Sky cutting in the ray area with potential candidates for black punches, as nustar was seen. Image: NASA


NASA hopes with nestar the "missionless" time between the start of the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer in 2009 and the "James Webb Space Telescope" (JWST) in 2013 make sense. On the hunt for black punches, NUSTAR should observe the universe in the light of high-energy ray beams and, in particular, scanning the X-ray area that can no longer be registered by previous rontgenatellites. NUSTAR will also target active galaxies and Supernovae explosions and contribute to the understanding of elemental development.

Artistic representation of a hidden black hole, for the nustar an ideal telescope ware. Image: Aurore simonnet

Using its data material and other missions operating on other wavelength ranges, a little light is to be brought into the dark of these mysterious objects. "NUSTAR will carry out very deep observations in the hard radiant beam area and thus measure the discovery of black punches and other exotic phenomena", Stresses Jon Morse, director of the astrophysics department in NASA headquarters.

Nustar along with its three sensitive detectors. Image: Bill Craig

Ten meters focal length

In order to capture the ray radiation of a black hole, nstar uses an optical system that focuses the ray radiation incident in the flat angle with a focal length of ten meters on three detectors, which are arranged side by side. A corresponding boom, which is completed after reaching the alert electricity lane according to the type of drawing harmonica, should guarantee the required distance between the detectors and mirror system.

Nustar is transported with a Pegasus XL Selv’s II rocket in the orbit. The rocket itself is required by a converted former aircraft (L 1011) to about 13.3 kilometers high, dropped there and sawed. Image: nasa

NUSTAR is a component of the Explorer program of NASA, with the smaller to medium-sized space missions that have a low weight and are therefore challenging. Said mission was originally selected in 2003 from a series of proposals. The cost of the project currently amounts to $ 134 million, which corresponds approximately 95.27 million euros.

For the current Explorer missions, for example, Galex, Hessi and SWIFT. Maybe three more Explorer missions should be added in the first half of the coming decade.

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