On the way to “electronic police state”

According to a new report, Totalitare and Democratic States at the same amount of a new dimension of the police state

In a first attempt, the dimensions of the "Electronic police station" to evaluate and evaluate 52 countries in a ranking, do not surprise that in the first place China and North Korea, followed by Weibrussland and Russia. But then Rough Britain is already listed, followed by the US, Singapore, Israel, France and, to tenth place, Germany.

On the way to'elektronischen polizeistaat'

The red marked Landers are on the outsourced direction police state

The report was prepared, which does not encapse internetry strong nor poleimission, from the Chicago-accessed computer security company Cryptohippie. On the basis of availability information and evaluation of reports of various organizations such as Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders or Freedom House, the countries were rated by 17 criteria with scores between 1 and 5, how close to an electronic police state have already been rated: How often official identity cards or registrations are required, how sharp limits is checked, whether and in which financial transactions are monitored whether cryptography is prohibited, data retention is practiced for Internet, telephone and mobile communications, restrictions for arrest warrants (Ikus corpus) to be loosened, the separation between police and intelligence services is repealed or states secretly penetrate into private computers.

The technically possible mass monitoring is still relatively new and, above all, usually essentially, therefore many the new dimension of the police state remained hidden. "In an electronic police state", So it is called in the report, "If any image of a monitoring camera, each sent email, each visited website, each posted posting, any tailed transfer, any payment with a credit card, each fitting of a mobile phone … to a proof. And everything is stored in searchable databases for a very long time." The evidence stored in the databases can be used at any time against a human. "Maybe you trust your head of government that he uses the archived information only against Bose people. But also trust his successor and all his subordinate, every government employee and any police officer?"

If you still have the courage to oppose against the government if this insight into any email, in any porn website, has any phone call and every coverage, cryptohippie tries to deepen the skepticism against monitoring. The police state is not yet realized, "But all foundations are laid". It is already too Spat to prevent this. With the report, people want to draw attention to the fact that their freedom is threatened.

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