Iran accelerates expansion of the atomic program

The Tehran conference of the block-free states uses Iran to propagate its atomic technique, the new IAEA report daily to blur the country, traces of experiments

According to a new report of the International Atomic Energy Sounds (IAEA) on the expansion of the Iranian nuclear program, the Israeli government was confirmed that the sanctions show no effect, and at the same time under prere to translate the common threat of a military lift before it spat.

In the deep under the earth’s enrichment system Fordow, which probably no longer destroyed from bombs, has the number of centrifuges since May of 1.064 on 2.140 more than doubled. A total of more than 2700 centrifuges are planned. Even if the newly installed does not work yet, Iran has been enriched by the report since 2010 almost 190 kg of uranium to 20 percent, in May it was still 145 kg. Almost 70000 kg were enriched to 5 percent. For an atomic bomb the uranium had to be enriched to 90 percent, but the amount of the necessary starting material growth. Iran explains it, it invests the uranium enriched to 20 percent for research reactors. However, the newly installed centrifuges according to the IAEA report is the IR-1 model developed in the 1970s, which has proven to be stored. This could point out that technical progress has to be maintained.

Iran continues to deny nuclear weapons, and has remained at the beginning of the conference of the block-free states in Tehran on the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy with uranium enrichment and exploited the possibility of presenting as a nuclear state and to promote atomic technology. In addition, Iran made the landmark the offer to support them if they also want to build an atomic program. So that Iran was not only expanding its influence, but also escape the insulation. State media refer to a Fatwa of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameni, the Supreme Spiritual Fuhrer of the Country, where he produces production, storage and use of nuclear weapons in 2010 "Haram" had designated. Uberdies, during his speech,, during his speech, he sentenced the usage of the US and other worldwide to monopolize atomic technique and above all the production of enriched materials, while at the same time they were the only ones who had used nuclear weapons. The Iran levers the use of nuclear weapons as well as the chemical weapons. Doubts are also committed by the IAEA report whether Iran does not operate a secret nuclear weapons program. In the 2011 IAEA report, it was pointed out that Iran probably had a nuclear weapons program until 2003. Parts were then set, but others were probably more guided. Although UN Resolutions are obliged to visit the inspectors everything, Iranian leadership continues to refuse to access a border on the Militar Stutzpunkt Parchin in the near Tehran. Here you should have intensively trained to eliminate all traces of experiments that were made there. Thus, the Iran is daily to have carried out hydrodynamic experiments here in a major blast chamber built in 2000, with which a blasting of an atomic bomb is simulated to develop a model for the construction of a blast head, here, proven by satellite images, a strong building activity took place. The IAEA fears that the inspectors, if they can be on the grandfather, can not respond there anymore.

Israel in a dead end

With the rapidly growing amount of enriched uranium, from which allegedly relatively fast atomic bombing material love is increasing, the prere will increase soon to make the attack on Iranian attractions threatened for years to prevent the production of nuclear weapons if not to prevent, so go beyond. At the same time, however, it becomes clear that Israel probably does not possibly possibly have the possibility of destroying the centrifuges and the material because the plant is too low under Earth. It is also questionable whether the US was able to do the existing bunkerbreaking weapons, including the massive font penetrator, Dafur did not extend, probably only the entrance tunnel was destroyed. But US Prasident Obama continues to set negotiations, sanctions, sabotage and concealed operations. The situation could change when Mitt Romney should become new US prasident. He had only accused Obama yesterday, to fail Israel support. However, if now, Obama will continue to put prere on the elections of Netanyahu. The Israeli government wants Obama to present an ultimatum to Iran and threatens to military maws, which he rejects so far. Jay Carney, the spokesman of the woman’s house, said again in relation to the IAEA report that Obama was determined to hold Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, but he said nothing about any dates.

US General Martin Dempsey, as a head of the Joint Chiefs the highest militar, printed the rejection outlawed out. At best, an Israeli military stroke Konne will delay the nuclear program Iran’s nuclear program. He refuses to become an accomplice of Israel if the Israeli government was to take a attack. For him, the sanctions exercise an effect, a premature attack Konne, on the other hand, do all efforts destroy. Israel’s vice-allocation leader Moshe Ya’alon then threw Dempsey that Iran no longer really believe in a military threat because of the different messages. For this purpose, the American government is responsible.

A high member of the Israeli government said New York Times that Israel is in a dead end. The more time passes, the lower the opportunities will cause something militar. Although many in Israel and members of the Israeli government as well as the militar do not think of Israel’s military solo resources, which was at best impeding the Iranian program a little, but was allowed to drove any consequences for the entire region, how government officials of the New York Times said the discussion about a military lift and the prere on the decision-makers. Gas masks were distributed to the population, an SMS-based warning system has been introduced and a bomb bunker was inspected, which can also serve as preparation for the possible consequences of the Syrian Burger War.

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