Homeless magazine about the expo

Asphalt allows a different viewing angle

Also the homeless self-help magazine "asphalt" from Hanover works in the current ie with the Expo. The focus is on a survey among the sellers and employees to the world exhibition, the topic of prostitution and social aspects. The statements and articles throw a very different Expo picture.

"asphalt" Is the self-help magazine for homeless people in Hanover. A newspaper costs 2.50 DM, of which the usually homelessly seller seller 1,20 DM received. The long-term goal is to give the homelessness about the newscast again a perspective. At the same time, the sheet acts as a mouthpipe for her social concerns. Editor is the Diakonie Pastor Walter Lampe. In a discussion in the open channel Hannover, he invalidarily demanded significant benefits in Expo entry for social assistance and unemployed. But the Deputy Vice-General Commissioner refused this request from organizational reasons: you do not even check the justification. If the city of Hannover was organized that, you could think about it. It sounded already strangely, because passes from severely disabled people are checked out at the ticket funds.

In the current June edition, some sellers, purchasers and employees have asked the question whether they will go to the Expo. To make it ahead, the employees speak almost continuously for an Expo visit. No wonder, you have all the permanent income. Most asphalt seller negligors, as they are too expensive to visit the World’s Fair.

Asphalt views to the Expo

Patricia Ahrend (Aspalt Seller): I am against the Expo because the poor people do not like to be seen there. You also have to leave the city. The police now make more controls.

Dirk Hauburg (asphalt buyer): I go because the Expo takes place in Hanover. Since I can go with the bike. Seville, for example, was just too far away. I have already looked at the building land from the postbox, and now I’m curious what the finished Expo has to offer. Fred Knorr (asphalt seller): I’m not going. No case! For me, the money tick. The station remodeling for the Expo has only hurt us sellers.

Karin Wielander (asphalt columnist and shareholder): I think I go. Of curiosity. And to look critically critical the advantages and disadvantages.

Marlis Lonneker (asphalt sales manager): Our asphalt sellers can not afford the Expo certainly because there is no permits for social assistance. Bus and train become more expensive. Who lives in Hanover, will be punished for the Expo. Since I overlay three times if I go or not.

Elisabeth C. Grundler (asphalt author): Of course I go to the Expo! Three years of construction sites and jam: I want to know what.

Prostitution and Expo

Exemplary "Svetlana" the magazine uses the topic of prostitution. In the hope of finding a lucrative job during the World’s Fair, she ends up in an apartment and is forced to prostitution. For months, women from Eastern Europe are lured with false promises to Hanover. Since many things are now in apartments, there are hardly any opportunity to come with these women in care contacts.

In the asphalt report, an estimate of the police will be published, according to the number of prostitutes of 1.800 on 2.500 will rise. Particularly high is the proportion of foreign women. The situation is considered particularly critical that the rising competition prere could be dispensed with condoms. For this reason, during the World’s Fair, the StreetWork activity was increased.

Expo not for homeless

The leaders of the asphalt magazine are still waiting for the response of the EXPO officer, whether the magazine may also be sold on the Expo countries. Also the Hanoverian public transport companies "ustra" have still not granted any exemption.

After all, after segregation, the editorship at the World’s Fair are the topics poverty, homelessness or social exclusion. At least no of these vocabulary had been used in the speaker carries in a workshop for journalists. In the June ie, the press officer of the Expo-themed park Rhan Gunderlach is quoted, the "the attractions of your area as purely future-oriented" represents. Unemployment, migration or immigration are out of place there. In addition, the Expo is an event that predominantly of the "Entertainment of the normal burger" serve.

Title of the Asphalt Cartoon: Pavilion of the Homeless Initiative E.V.: Natural close, flexible, recycle-cynous and undisputed favorable

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